What Our Customers Are Saying

Septic Installation

In 2012, we undertook the installation of a Septic System to replace the outdated and flawed system we inherited with our home. We had a particularly difficult physical situation to deal with. Our 20′ x 20′ area where the tank and accessories were, was surrounded by granite outcroppings above and below where our new system was to be installed. I’ll bet that we consulted at least 10 septic installers, each with their own magical septic solutions. One major obstacle confront all the installers….the difficulty of getting to the site to excavate the septic bed. Pretty well all submitted pricing that was wildly different illustrating the fear of the unknown. This search went on for some months until we heard about Dan O’Grady Equipment.

Dan O’Grady Equipment was recommended to us by Waterloo Biofilter Systems, who’s system we were required to use because of our proximity to water. Dan came to look at our situation and agreed to price our job based on our receiving permission from our neighbour to cross his land. Our generous neighbour agreed to our request.

At the appointed scheduled installation date, Dan came with his crew to begin the installation. He was able to use a tracked excavator to remove the former tile bed material; trucked the material for disposal; installing the required bedding materials to code; installing all the attachments and shed for the system;  completely cleared up the tracks across my neighbours property; dumped and spread 2 loads of gravel on my neighbours driveway (as agreed). Job complete.

I can’t say enough about the conduct and commitment of the O’Grady staff. They were always very friendly and cooperative; arrived on the jobsite on time; cleaned up after each days work; conscientious and careful in their work; answered questions when required; were a joy to have around our home.

Dan O’Grady supplied us with exceptional service, both before, during, and after our installation. Whenever called Dan would always call back (I can’t tell you how many trades in this area do not offer the courtesy of a call back when they are needed). Dan’s always pleasant and personable personality, attention to detail, quality, caring, and perfection, has marked him to this day as the very best contractor I have dealt with. He’s set the bar very high.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dan and his wife Corrine for anything they under take. Please call should you wish me to answer any question about Dan O’Grady Equipment…613/359-5430. I’d be happy to assist if I can.


Tom Belton

Ecoflo Shell Replacement

“When we realized that we needed to have our Ecoflo shell replaced in the Fall of 2018, we contacted Dan O’Grady Equipment. Dan called me back right away and we spoke for a good 15 minutes. He asked pertinent questions regarding the shell. Within a day or so, Dan and Corrine stopped by to assess the situation at hand and provided us with detailed information on the work that would be required to replace the shell.

The crew arrived early in the morning on the replacement day. Dan and his crew worked all day to remove the old shell and install the new Ecoflo and reuse the peat moss that we had replaced the previous year. By dusk, the work was done. The terrain was leveled out with new topsoil and new grass seed was laid. Moreover, Dan O’Grady kindly returned (in April 2019) to help us repair a faulty pipe that runs from the septic to the Ecoflo shell.

Dan and his crew did fantastic work for us and the email correspondence with Corrine O’Grady was always easy, quick and professional. I would highly recommend Dan O’Grady Equipment to anybody needing Ecoflo or septic repair work ”

Julien, Greely, ON

EcoFlo Tank Installation
EcoFlo Finished


This is a testimonial for Dan O’Grady Equipment based on the quality of the work he has done for me over the past 10 years.

There is no one else that I would approach for the level of workmanship, thoughtfulness, honesty and value. For me he has constructed a house foundation, a roadway leading to the house, a one acre 20 foot deep trout pond, a ten acre 3 foot deep lake for waterfowl, then top soiled several acres of yard for lawn and grazing of wildlife and constructed and installed our septic system and septic field. All of these projects were accomplished in a timely manner and with care. I would strongly recommend Mr. O’Grady for any job needing heavy equipment and substantial expertise. For family and historical reasons, I have previously recorded several of Mr. O’Grady’s projects completed with me, and have posted them on my blog site to be viewed by family and friends over the years. Feel free to examine the construction as it was in progress at: danduenorth.blogspot.ca

Dr. Dan C.McIntyre,
Emertius Professor, Department of Psychology/Neuroscience
Carleton University, Ottawa

Property Enhancement

We have used Dan O’Grady Equipment for two major building projects.  He went far and beyond our expectations.  He found a large granite rock he carefully placed in front so we could engrave it as a lawn ornament.  He also used unearthed rock to build a wonderful rock wall for a garden.  Our second job is ongoing.  Dan has again exceeded our expectations to solve a water problem with a well thought out drainage system.  Dan is a specialist in his field; he uses his heavy equipment like a doctor uses his tools during surgery, precise, careful and exacting.  Dan is very honest, trustworthy and somewhat perfectionistic so whatever job he does, it will be the best that can be done!

Susan, Tyler and Andy

Farm Clearing

On The Farm

I have been a customer using the services of Dan O’Grady Equipment for a number of years. As a landowner, and livestock and cash crop farmer I have used Dan and his team for multiple projects including septic installation, land clearing and improvements, laneways, and livestock yard construction/maintenance. With all of the variety of work that has been done I have been consistently impressed with the knowledge, attention to detail, and genuine care for a job well done that Dan and his team bring to the table. Anyone looking for quality work would be pleased with the services of Dan O’Grady Equipment.

Hugh Hunter
Maple-Ain Farms, Smiths Falls.